The Translucent stone veneer tells its own story. Each veneer creates a unique design depending on the light source.
Whether natural or artificial, the colorful patterns shine through with endless possibilities.

  • Cutting with hard-metal tipped circular saw, skill saw (diamond bladd, stone saw)
  • Drilling and routing: use tool for wood or stone.
  • Flexibility can be increased by applying heat (using heat-gun around 752 °F/400 °C)


  • 100% Natural stone surface
  • Translucent material
  • Harder and stronger than stone tiles – reinforced with polyester resin.
  • Weigth approx 0.30 lbs/sqft (1.5 kg/m2)
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be applied on acrylic glass or glass plates
  • Stone supply available long term.
  • Different effects with warm or cold light.

Click the type of stone to discover the decors available in Translucent.